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BeeBot City Part 1 – Grid June 7, 2010

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1MS started our BeeBot City building project by laying the foundation with a 15 square-centimetre grid base.

First, we had a whole group morning maths lesson on area where we compared using shoes and dictionaries as area-measuring tools for sheets of newspaper. We discussed the concept of measuring and marking area by using same-sized measuring tools that left no gaps.

In the afternoon, we had a whole group demonstration of students (2 rounds of 3 at a time) showing how they would use 15 square centimetre pieces of card to mark off a grid on a sheet of posterboard. We looked at starting at a corner and working methodically,

taking turns to create a proper grid. The excess areas of posterboard were left unmarked to use as overlap to join the 7 boards into 1 city (actually 8 including my board :’).)After that, each BeeBot group (3 students per group) was able to choose a piece of posterboard and each student in a group recieved a piece of 15 square centimetre card to trace to construct a grid on their group posterboard. I made sure each group’s posterboard was a different colour so that I could easily identify groups and locations for assembly and deconstruction of the city.

When each group finished marking out their grid (a 4×3 grid per piece of posterboard), they were given their BeeBot and told to explore their grid. This open-ended play time gave them a bit more opportunity to freely explore programming the robots. It was interesting to see the range of abilities in programming. Some students could only work 1 command at a time (yielding quite a few exclamations of “Oh no! You forgot to press clear!”) but one student independently constructed a continuous program to send the BeeBot around the perimeter of the grid.



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