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Is this correct? June 21, 2010

Posted by Mrs_C in Uncategorized.

Hello All
We are having difficulty ensuring we are posting in our NR subpage. Are we putting it in the correct place?



1. msimonteach - June 21, 2010

There are two main possibilities when posting your information to have it link to “NR”:
1. Create a post and when drafting or editing it, tick the box next to the category NR. This will put your post on the main home page, which will get it up-front visability and any subscribers will be alerted to it as new content in their email. By categorising it as NR, it will be pulled as information to be shown if anyone clcks on the NR Bee Bot in the “Visit Your School” section on the sidebar. This was what you did with your previous post about Bugsy’s House.

2. You can edit your NR page that is found if you go to the page “Bertie’s Cousins” then Click on the Subpage in the sidebar “Your School” and then click on the subpage “NR” in the sidebar on that page. You can post information about your Beebots there, but it does not have the same level of visibility that the posts on the home page do. I also do not believe that page updates and additions are emailed to subscribers – so if you want to let people know to look at your new content, you would want to make a post about it. As far as I have seen, pages are not categorised so information on that subpage structure will not be gathered in when you click on the NR in the “Visit Your School” section of the sidebar. I am sure if I am wrong about this someone will correct my information ;’).

2. Carly - June 21, 2010

You are absolutely correct!

Posts are updated on the homepage and are sent to everyone when they have been updated. To ensure that your posts go to your school, just tick the box in the category that is the initials that you need. Then when you click on the beebot with your initial it will come up with all your posts.

Pages are different, they don’t have the opportunity to have categories, which is why there are different subpages for Bertie’s Cousins.

And yes, pages when updated or added are not emailed out.


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