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Bee-Bots on the IWB August 12, 2010

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In the Stars classroom we’re lucky enough to have an Interactive White Board, which we use the Bee-Bot computer program for practicing  our CVC words. This challenges the stage 1 children to practice their programing skills on IWB, which is a lot harder than on the floor with the robots.



1. msimonteach - August 14, 2010

Great post!

Do you do this as a whole-class activity or with small groups during literacy group time or a bit of both?

If you do it in small groups in a group/centre time sort of format, so you find it distracts the children working on other tasks?

Do you find that the programming practice on the computer program translates into better programming on the floor?

2. Carly - August 15, 2010

Oh wow! I absolutely love this!

3. missksands - August 24, 2010

Using the IWB in literacy groups has been used both as a whole class activity and small groups.
In the beginning the whole class would use the IWB for 15 minutes, then I would leave a small group of 3 to continue to work.
Now the class understand that they will all get a turn, either on the floor or the IWB, as well as having other engaging activities, the rest of the class will work without getting too distracted (of course there is always one little person who can get distracted 🙂 ).
I find that the floor work is designed for the kindergartens, as the kindies need close guidance at the moment for the IWB. Where as the year 1’s and year 2’s are competent on the floor and find the IWB programming challenging, but without the training on the floor they would find it too hard for independent work in small groups.

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