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PhotoStory and the Bee-bot! August 15, 2010

Posted by mleone in C.

Year 1 and Year 2 students took photographs in preparation for a photo-story about bee-bots invading our school. Photos show bee-bots entering our school, lining up, visiting the Library, taking a spelling test and invading the principal’s office.
Smile, It's your first day!Our first day at big school!Time to line up!Listen carefully to the announcements.Lucky we learnt our words!How many books have you borrowed?When the principal is away, the bee-bots will play.Let's play follow the leader!We like playing with our friends at recess.
The duration of this lesson was one hour. Students were instructed on how to use the school’s digital cameras. Students planned their story talking about where photographs were to be taken. They were placed into groups of three to four, depending on class size. Each student had a turn to take photographs, while their group planned where their bee-bots were to be situated. After the photo session, the photographs were viewed on the IWB. Students discussed what made a good photo and how the photographs could be improved.



1. Debbie evans - August 16, 2010

These pics are fantastic! What fun! I love the idea of beebots invading school! My favourite is when the beebots take over the Principal’s office!

2. Carly - August 16, 2010

Great pictures!

3. msimonteach - August 16, 2010

Fabulous art and technology lesson! :’)

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