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Thoughts about Bee-Bot software. August 16, 2010

Posted by mleone in C.

Students had previously explored what bee-bots could do using masking tape tracks on the floor, plastic grids with simple 2D shapes and ‘Who am I’ cards with matching animal pictures. I see all K-2 classes for one hour per week for technology lessons. It was very interesting to see the different levels of development over the course of a week.
With the ‘Who am I’ cards Kinder students gave very simple descriptions such as – ‘I am brown with big teeth’. Where as a Year 2 student gave a description of the same animal – ‘I live in the jungle, I am a carnivore and I am a member of the cat family’. In both instances students who were locating the animal had little trouble locating the animal on the grid.
The software was introduced to students on the IWB in the technology room as a whole class lesson, followed by students working in pairs completing set activities. Students worked extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed using the software to replicate the movements of real bee-bots.
When asked what students enjoyed about using the software the following responses were made:

  • J(M) – I like the race track because it looks like I’m having a real race.
  • A(F) – I like the computer bee-bots because they are automatic, they go when you press go.
  • J(F) – They are fun, they teach you how to go left and right. They make you smart because you know left and right.
  • C(M) – I like the computer because it has eyes and you can look through them. And it goes where I want it to go and you can play on the computer.
  • J(M) – I like it because it’s just like the real one but if you forget a command you can see the commands. With the real one you forget what you program in.
  • H(F) – It is fun, and it’s cute to change colours. It is cool that you can put all the different things on the boards.
  • C(M) – I like the top view.
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