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BeeBots in K/1 August 17, 2010

Posted by trishapops in JP.
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In our class on Open Day we showed the parents what we can do with the BeeBots. We only had access to 3 Beebots for this session, so had 4 group activities – One group worked on the smartboard with the BeeBot software, one group designed and drew environments for the BeeBots in the Tux Paint program on the class laptops, one group coloured  and cutout a life sized BeeBot and the last group programmed their BeeBots in pairs to go around their houses.

Many students in our class are blogging about the BeeBots on our school website where we have set up a Moodle. This is limited to the school community and can only be accessed by a password. The students can blog from the classroom or from home. We have some champion Kindy bloggers in our class!



1. msimonteach - August 17, 2010

That is great!

Last term, as our culmination of the BeeBot City project in our Year 1 classes, we had an Open Classrooms session to show our BeeBots to the parents. I was sick and missed it :'(, but I heard from my casual teacher that it was interesting how some of the parents were hesitant to have a go at programming the BeeBots. It is great to start them young on these technologies so they feel confident about trying things and learning from their mistakes.

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