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Kindy Maths Investigations August 22, 2010

Posted by DLeone in R.

Adventure 3:

This week our class have undertaken a number of Maths Investigations with the help of our Bee bots. Here is a little snippet of the process and results from our experiments.

Investigation 1: Our first investigation involved discovering how long a Bee bot step is. The children were given a number of different informal units to measure with such as; counters, lego, pencils and their own feet to calculate how long a Bee bot step was. The children then reported back to the whole class their findings. We then watched Bertie’s video which highlighted a Bee bot step as one body length.

Investigation 2: Our second investigation was to use our Bee bots to measure objects in our classroom. We watched Bertie’s video first to talk about the length and width of the table and how it would compare to the length of our tables. We then measured the back wall of our classroom which was 45 Bee bot steps. Then the kids set off to measure a variety of objects. After the lesson the children were asked to draw what they found in their experiment. Here are some of the photos of what we discovered.

Investigation 3: Our final investigation for the week was to find out how steep a Bee bot would travel up an incline. The children were given three clearly defined roles in the group. Job 1: the Scribe, Job 2: The Bee bot controller and Job 3: the lego and ramp builder. Children were given the challenge to investigate, here are some photos and their recording sheets.

See you again soon!



1. devans17 - August 22, 2010

These three adventures were obviously so engaging. I particularly love the diagrams of their investigations. This demonstrates how well a group of Kindergarten children can represent their understanding of the maths, physics and language of beebots. Great job sharing these with us!

2. Tweets that mention Kindy Maths Investigations « My Beebot -- Topsy.com - August 24, 2010

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3. alinnert - August 26, 2010

Thanks for sharing! I read your post about investigation 2 (beebot ramp) before introducing the same activity on my “Topsteps” beebot day. I learned from your experience and allocated roles to each person in the group. I had a “ramp person”, a “block stacker”, a person to put the beebot on the ramp and a programmer. All children recorded the results through drawing.

4. Carly - August 27, 2010


I love the idea of having a child having a job role within the task. I have noticed that when I section the children off into groups some children find it extremely difficult to share the beebot programming with the other students.

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