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Our Large Bee-Bot Mat August 24, 2010

Posted by missksands in TE.
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I was tired of my kindies fighting over the small 4 by 4 square mat for sight words, so with change out of $50 at Bunning last week, I bought 5 metres of plastic vinyl. This made our own 7  by 13 squares mat, as well as our own number line to 30. Yes it did take a good 2 hours to mark, line (using the long jump pole) and cut up the vinyl, however we now use both all the time within many lessons. Plus now there is plenty of room for 4 bee-bots to cruise around without too many collisions.

First I cut off the number line, the first one 15 cm and another one, which sits underneath so you can fold up and not need to set the numbers out again, is 17cm. Then I marked up the 15cm length into 15cm squares. I’m lucky enough to access a colour printer to print off colour number squares form Sparkle Box http://resources.sparkleboxteacherresources.ltd.uk/sb2030.pdf

Then with the left over I had a wide enough piece for seven 15cm squares and measured out 2.1m, making thirteen 15cm squares. I also cut a longer piece to have underneath, again so we can fold it up or slide it around the room without disturbing the squares.

Last week we were concentrating on time, so again at Sparkle Box I found digital and analogue hour and half hour times





1. macictsue - August 24, 2010

RIght on! Your time invested in creating these resources will be rewarded over and over again!

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