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An introduction to Scratch. August 25, 2010

Posted by mleone in C.

At our TOPSTEPS (Gifted and Talented) day, Stage 2 students undertook a Scratch workshop. These students had no previous experience with the program. At the start of the day I used a beebot to introduce students to various concepts used in scratch. Students looked at how the beebot moved forward and backward, and the right and left turns made. We discussed angles and directions travelled. Students were using terms such as ninety degrees, quarter turns, half turns, revolutions etc. Using the beebot on the plastic grid we discussed directions using left, right, up and down. When we moved to the computer and the Scratch program students related the beebots movements to that of the scratch cat. The beebot was a great introduction to the workshop and set the scene for a very successful day.



1. devans17 - August 25, 2010

What an excellent connection to make. Very well considered. When young students are able to touch concrete materials, play, practise, trial and error in a safe and fun learning environment, then they are more likely to experiment and take risks with less concrete materials like software applications. And particularly if these applications are game-based. Once again, they get to play, but this time in a more abstract way. They are able to test their ideas without fear of making mistakes.

2. macictsue - August 26, 2010

I curious as to how many of the visiting students would have the chance to act as mentors to support their own Kindy students “thinking outside the square” when they return to their home schools. Having extension activities led by models can be so successful!

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