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TOPSTEPS Bee-bots August 25, 2010

Posted by mleone in C.

Our school hosted a Gifted and Talented day for Stage One students from five local schools. We spent a whole day investigating beebots and how they work.

The morning session started out with an introduction to robotics. The students were then free to explore how the beebots worked. First they explored the programming buttons, then they took turns to move the beebot around a beebot town house.

It was interesting to note that many students found it challenging to guide the beebot around the house which was sitting on the floor. Later on when they were introduced to the grid mat, they seemed to have a much better understanding of where to move the beebot. I wonder whether having the structure of the grid was equivalent to having “concrete materials” for young learners.
More to come….. A. Linnert



1. Debbie Evans - August 25, 2010

I think you could be right. Concrete guidlines. A little like teaching handwriting with a slope card!

2. macictsue - August 26, 2010

Very insightful! Thanks for sharing. Were any of the student’s negotiations and justifications recorded in some way? That might shed light onto what was really hapening in their minds.

3. alinnert - August 26, 2010

Not this time, but I would like to try it with my own class and get them to document their thoughts.

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