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They’re Here! September 2, 2010

Posted by tlstevensteach in Uncategorized, WH.

The Beebots have finally arrived! The children are so excited . Although we had to wait, we were still able to participate in the Peninsula Community of Schools Beebot Competition. The 2 teams from K-2  had to complete numerous activities, including synchronised dancing. Today our Principal announced that our school won the competition! Pictures to follow.



1. devans17 - September 2, 2010

congratulations! winners!

2. macictsue - September 3, 2010

What great news! It must have been exciting to hear that you had won the competition. Did you record your competition in a way that we could all share?

3. tlstevensteach - September 3, 2010

Thank you. Yes I can share. The Judges took stills and video of the participants. I have asked for a copy and if I don’t receive this by early next week, I will chase up. I wasn’t allowed in the room during most of the session, only for the last 5 minutes to watch the groups perform the Beebot Dance. I did take a couple of photos.

4. aparcsiclass - September 7, 2010

I was thinking of getting the students to work out a dance routine that the bee-bots could do. We are doing Healthy Choices at the moment and we are saying that the bee-bots need to also keep and active lifesyle! Great to know it could work!

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