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PhotoStory_Beebots_Year1 September 6, 2010

Posted by mleone in C.

Students are nearing the completion of their PhotoStory projects. This activity began four weeks ago and supports the Beebot activities being taught in regular classes.

This project was conducted during technology time (1 hour per week).

Week 1 – The first week students used cameras to take photos of beebots around the school. Students were assigned numbers 1 to 4 (depending on the class size). Student 1 was in charge of the camera for the first scene. Students 2, 3 and 4 had a beebot each to set up for the photo shoot. After a series of photos were taken, student number 2 became the photographer etc, untill all students had a chance to take photos. There was a lot of discussion as to where photos would be taken and how the beebot would be posed.
After the photo session students returned to the technology room to download and view photos. We all had a good time viewing our photos, discussing which ones we would use in our stories and laughing at the photos of the ground and fingers in front of lenses.

Week 2 – In this lesson we were introduced to PhotoStory for the first time. Students had to locate (with help) where their photos were located on the school’s network. Working with a partner they had to decide which photos to include in their photostory. After selecting the photos they then had to discuss their story and sequence photos accordingly.

Week 3 – Students added text to some of their slides. (Some students added text to all slides, while others only added text to some slides.) They experimented with different fonts, sizes and colour. We then looked at adding transitions and effects to a number of slides.

Week 4 – The concluding activity involved students creating and adding music and voice over to their stories and converting files to movies.

The following video is from two year 1 students.

Beebots2 from mleone on Vimeo.

The classes that completed the above lessons were totally engaged in all aspects of designing, organising, creating and publishing their Beebot stories. They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Photos taken in the technology room.



1. macictsue - September 6, 2010

Exciting things happen at your school!

2. aparcsiclass - September 7, 2010

That is a great idea to get the students to create their own story board. At the moment we are attempting to create a class movie using the picture we took. Once that is complete the computer teacher is going to work with them and get them to create their own.

3. msimonteach - September 8, 2010

Great post and very cool movie.

Just a few thoughts for site management. If you have a video and pics and a long post, in order to maximise the number of posts that fit on the home page, you might put the video and pics at the top of the post then start some introductory text and use the” …..more” feature. That feature allows you to pull in a …..more at any point in your post. Everything above the line shows up on the home page (like on the front page of a newspaper), but if people want to read the full post, they can click on the …..more and get sent to your complete post on its own page (like when you click on the title of a post – similar to breaking up stories on the front page of a newspaper to see more headlines and continuing the stories further into the paper.)

I may do a post on this feature as we are getting such a fabulous amount of site traffic this term! Keep up the great work!

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