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Literacy Groups September 12, 2010

Posted by tlstevensteach in Uncategorized, WH.

On Thursday KS used sight-word mats and CVC mats in their literacy group session. Most students were busy negotiating the mats to guide their Beebot to the correct answer. I used the idea from this Blog, but made mats to link with our Sight Word Program – ‘The Magic 200 words’. Each mat is colour-coded to match the level they are on. Therefore they can get the coloured mat from the pile when it is their turn, instead of me leaving my group to set them up. This worked well! I also bought out Bunnings in plastic cover and set my husband to work cutting it up.  However  introducing them to this activity was maybe premature, as every 5 minutes I had someone from one particular group complaining that the Beebot won’t go where they want it too. Annoying! I was just so keen to get stuck in after the Beebots were 8 weeks overdue !  Next week I will do a few directional activities involving trial and error before we come back to the sight word mats.



1. starrybear - September 12, 2010

Hello, isn’t it great to use the Beebots for learning to read sight words? I have made mats for all the colours now and the children love using them. Their knowledge of sight words has grown very fast this year and they have had fun too. Last week I made Beebot mats with o’clock and half-past the hour times in digital and analogue times. They are also working well, best wishes from MH

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