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Beebot Investigations September 17, 2010

Posted by alinnert in C.

The students carried out some interesting investigations during our “Top Steps” day. Thanks to R for your great ideas and sharing of resources.

1.Students had to program their beebot to follow a set path. Then they made up their own path for the beebot to follow.

2.How long is a beebot step? This activity was done without the grid squares and proved challenging for many students. The concept of measuring “distance travelled” was difficult for these younger students.

3. I introduced “rulers” (printed, cut and laminated myself) which are one “beebot step” long. The students had to first predict and then measure the perimetre of a desk and a tote tray. They were much more at ease with using the ruler than they were with measuring a step.

4. Inclines: Students experimented to find the steepest incline up which the beebot could move.



1. macictsue - September 18, 2010

Lots of great things being done! Which activity was the student’s favourite?

2. alinnert - September 24, 2010

I think inclines was the group’s favourite. They responded well to having a designated role in the investigation. There were small groups who were especially engaged in the activity where they had to use beebot steps to measure the perimetre of the desk and tote tray.

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