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Literacy – Rosie’s Walk September 17, 2010

Posted by tlstevensteach in WH.

This activity involved KS viewing the text “Rosie’s Walk” on You Tube. The children loved this story so much we played it twice. It is about Rosie the Hen going for a walk through the farmyard, the whole time not realising that she is being followed by a fox. After we viewed the clip, the class discussed the story and drew the path that Rosie took. We then planned out the route that the Bee-Bot  would take on the mat that included the different locations in the farmyard that Rosie visited. Next I told them to sequence the moves the Bee-Bot will need to make to follow the same path that Rosie followed. We discussed different tools they could use, such as Bee Bot rulers, arrows and white boards and markers. Once programmed the students placed the Bee Bots on the mat to see if they followed the path correctly. This lesson was so engaging that we spent most of the morning on it. The children worked more confidently and collaboratively than the day before. When a program failed to be successful they showed more resilience and tried again. I did have a video of this activity showing the groups problem solving in different ways, however my clip could not be inserted from Vimeo.




1. macictsue - September 18, 2010

Did you get the chance to make a “Rosie’s beak” for your Bee-Bot? I wonder what one would look like? I love “Rosie’s Walk” also.

2. msimonteach - September 18, 2010

That looks great :’). WHen you tried to insert the video did you get a link to the Vimeo video? Have you tried making a vodpod account (vodpod.com), adding the vimeo video to vodpod and creating a blog post through vodpod with the video embedded?

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