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Robots in the K-2 Classroom December 3, 2010

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Great news! We have been formally invited to continue our project into 2011.

During 2010, we received requests for the Pro-Bot to be included.

Happily, I can now announce that the scope of our work in the K-2 classroom will be extended by adding Pro-Bots to our project.

MacICT invites all interested schools using either Bee-Bots or Pro-Bots with students in the early years to join our 2011 robotics project. Details will be discussed during a video conference on Thursday 9th December from 3.30pm (ADST). NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) schools are welcome to join our Information VC. Please contact me directly for VRN, etc: susan.fennell@det.nsw.edu.au

We are aware that our website is being viewed globally, as well as across Australia, and are open to negotiating with these schools and pre-schools.

Our 2011 project will provide NSW DET schools with support delivered face-to-face, through a blog and in regular VCs.

We are confident that the 2011 participating schools will value their new professional learning network.



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