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Spelling with the Bee-Bots September 7, 2010

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We have been using our bee-bots during reading groups. One group is working with the bee-bots on a mat that I have prepared with the weeks spelling list. Student A has to tell Student B which word to start on and which word to finish on. Student B has to then find those words on the mat and program the bee-bot to travel between them. I have noticed a lot of communication amongst the students with this activity especially when it comes to identifying the word and sounding it out.

Student A: You need to travel from ‘spin to spot’

Student B places bee-bot on ‘spoon’

Student A: No, that is not the word I said. Listen to me again. Sssspppppiiiinn.

It is great to see them encouraging each other to make sure they each have success at the activity. Here is a video and some photos of the activity in action.


Invasion of Bee-Bots September 1, 2010

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1P received their bee-bots last week and the first thing we did was to create a story about their arrival. We brainstormed ideas and came up with the theme about an invasion. The Bee-bots have arrived from Planet Bee-bot and have come to GWPS in search of a classroom they can call home. They want to share their knowledge and help students learn.

We went around the school and took photos of the bee-bots in various formations and in different locations. The idea was that the bee-bots were searching for a classroom to inhabit. The kids were really excited about this and came up with all the ideas – with a little help. It made the bee-bots arrival into the school more personal and meaningful.

Once we printed off the photos we made a class big book called “Invasion at GWPS”. We thought of a story to go with the pictures and each student had a chance of writing on a page – the book is 15 pages. Here are some of the photos we took.

Maths resources August 14, 2010

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Hello Fello bee-botters,

I have been looking around for some resources for the bee-bot mats, as i am in the process of making some of my own, when i came across SparkleBox. They have a section for ‘robots’ and have prinatable 15cm x 15cm cards. There are cards for maths, english and many other themed resources. I thought those people who are interested in making their own mats would appreciate this resource. All you need is a colour printer and away you go!

website – http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/misc/robots/15×15.html

I have arrived! August 12, 2010

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I am currently at MacICT learning how to Blog. This is offically my first blog post. I am looking forward to introducing my class to the world of blogging and the bee-bots!