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Tips for Writing Pages and Posts

So you know how to insert/embed videos. If not, please refer back here. If you have any queries in relation to uploading/inserting images, videos and other media, please leave a comment below.

When you are in the visual settings, you will notice a line of buttons (and if you select the one on the right, it will drop down to two lines).

What do all these mean?

They are all different ways to style your posts and pages, to make them more aesthetically pleasing and so you are able to highlight points within your post.

Starting from the left:

* B – Bold.
* I – Italics.
* ABC – Strikethrough.
* The bullets and numbers are the same as what you would find in Word and are to create lists.

* ” – The quote marks are to blockquote, this means that your text will stand out from the rest. Here is an example:

This is having a text in blockquote.

* The alignments are to align your text to the left, center and right.
* The icon that is a link to to add a hyperlink into your text and will only be available if you select a part of your text. This is great if you have found a site that you would like others to see and want to share. When you select this icon, it will ask for the URL, the target (I generally select ‘open in a new page’ this opens the link in a new tab or browser window), and the others I tend not to worry about.
* Similar, the broken link is to unlink the hyperlink.
* The next is the page break, if you want to insert this into your post, it will allow the text, “Read More..” or similar to be seen and the reader needs to click to see more. This stops having long posts on the home page.
* ABC – Spell check.
* The window, is to go to a full screen mode and then click again to change again.
* The button with all the different colours will extend your toolbar to two lines.
* The drop-down menu that says “Paragraph”. Paragraph is the default text and this is what you will always write in, but what if you want to create a heading not just bold your text? If you click on the arrow, it will open the menu, generally ‘Header 2 – Header 6’ are the headings to use the most.
* U – Underline.
* The alignment again, this time to create a full alignment.
* A with drop-down menu – This is choose different colours for your font.
* Clipboard with T and W – These allow you to write up your posts first in either a plain text format (Clipboard with T) or in a Word document (Clipboard with W). Simply click on the clipboard that you require and ‘CTRL+V’ your post into the space provided.
* The eraser is to remove formatting, you will not need to use this as there is no pre-format.
* Ω – Allows you to insert symbols.
* The indent marks are to create an indent in your writing.
* Arrows – The one on the left is to ‘undo’ and on the right is to ‘redo’
* Question Mark – Help button.
One of the best ways to learn all the different ways to use this tool bar is to simply experiment with the different styles.

When creating a page, you will see ‘Page Attributes’ under publish. Where it says ‘Parent’ this is the parent category that you wish to put your page in. When you are creating a page for your beeboots, select ‘Your School’.

When creating a post, in categories (right under the publish button) if you could select the initial’s of your school it would be fantastic! Soon there will be links on the home page that will allow you to look at all the posts for your school (I will let you know when this is up and running.)

I have noticed that some people are using the tags. Tags are there just to create more refinement, especially when searching so tags such as maths, adventure-2 are great!

If you have any questions in relation to this post, feel free to leave a comment or email Carly.




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