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Maths resources August 14, 2010

Posted by aparcsiclass in GW.
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Hello Fello bee-botters,

I have been looking around for some resources for the bee-bot mats, as i am in the process of making some of my own, when i came across SparkleBox. They have a section for ‘robots’ and have prinatable 15cm x 15cm cards. There are cards for maths, english and many other themed resources. I thought those people who are interested in making their own mats would appreciate this resource. All you need is a colour printer and away you go!

website – http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/misc/robots/15×15.html


Student Led Activity in Grid Exploration June 7, 2010

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When I let the students explore their grids, one student managed to independently program the BeeBot to travel the perimeter of the grid in one continuous program loop.

BeeBotExploration AllTheWayRoundtheCard from M Simon on Vimeo.

After seeing this demonstration, I challenged the other groups to try to replicate this programming feat – which is our classes first student-generated activity. I am assuming it can still count as student-generated if I issued the challenge?

BeeBot City Part 1 – Grid June 7, 2010

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1MS started our BeeBot City building project by laying the foundation with a 15 square-centimetre grid base.

First, we had a whole group morning maths lesson on area where we compared using shoes and dictionaries as area-measuring tools for sheets of newspaper. We discussed the concept of measuring and marking area by using same-sized measuring tools that left no gaps.

In the afternoon, we had a whole group demonstration of students (2 rounds of 3 at a time) showing how they would use 15 square centimetre pieces of card to mark off a grid on a sheet of posterboard. We looked at starting at a corner and working methodically,


1MS does BeeBot mini-exploration May 27, 2010

Posted by msimonteach in G.
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We did a mini-exploration the other day that was similar to Adventure 2. I gave each group their BeeBot and asked them to answer the following questions/problems (as many as they could, in order):

1. How far does the BeeBot move in 1 Forward step?

2. How far does the BeeBot move in 1 Reverse step?

3. How does the BeeBot move when right or left turns are programmed.

4. Can you get the BeeBot to go around the BeeBot box?