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Obstacle courses September 6, 2010

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In 1/2 we have been working hard to program our Bee bots in longer programs to go around obstacles. Children have worked in their home teams of 4 to go around one obstacle successfully. Once this has been completed, more obstacles are added to make the program more complex. The aim of the exercise has been to use longer programs rather than adding a few steps, clearing and then starting again. Children have loved creating their obstacle courses and even though some teams have found it difficult, they have never given up and have continued in a desperate effort to get it right. The team work has also been great to watch as they have had to communicate and work together to create such long programs.

Bee bot, posted with vodpod

An Introduction to the Beebots August 15, 2010

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On Friday, the children in the Kindy classroom met with the six beebots. There was much excitement in the early stages of learning about the beebots and just what they are.

For a fifteen minute block, as they met during literacy groups, the children were able to just explore what happens when they press different buttons. I had gone through with the children that whenever we get the beebot we need to press the clear button, as he has a very BIG memory, and then we program and press ‘GO’ the green button. Already some of the children were able to program long sequences whilst others were still working out how to use the beebot.

At the end of the block, we sat and discussed what we think the beebot is.

P said a bug. An insect.
L agreed with P.
Ar said a robot bug.
L it is like a car ’cause it has wheels.

It was amazing to watch the children use the beebots. Some who have very little language skills were screaming and discussing with their friends just what was happening. I found that watching these interactions I was able to see a different side to some of the children.

We rotated the groups twice and during the second visit with the beebots. We continued to explore the beebots and what way they can move. I then had the children come inside and draw pictures of what their beebot did. The drawings were fantastic {I will add these if I am allowed to} and I had them also tell me what was happening in the picture.

For the first time at using the beebots within a classroom setting, I was truly amazed at what the children were able to achieve in the space of thirty minutes and the language that was used throughout.

Using Clear Button August 12, 2010

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Here is a video from the beginning of our BeeBot journey showing students programming at a single step at a time level. The child in the group who is prgramming is remembering to press the clear button between steps, but has not yet progressed to a multi-step program.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Using Clear Button, posted with vodpod

Student Led Activity in Grid Exploration June 7, 2010

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When I let the students explore their grids, one student managed to independently program the BeeBot to travel the perimeter of the grid in one continuous program loop.

BeeBotExploration AllTheWayRoundtheCard from M Simon on Vimeo.

After seeing this demonstration, I challenged the other groups to try to replicate this programming feat – which is our classes first student-generated activity. I am assuming it can still count as student-generated if I issued the challenge?